Best Micro SD Memory Cards for DJI Mavic Mini

The Mavic Mini was released in late 2019 and it quickly became one of the best selling drones. The reason is simple – it is very compact and lightweight and because of this doesn’t require registration or special permits in many countries.

DJI Mavic Mini has a 12MP 1/2.3-inch sensor capable of recording 2.7K video shooting. While that’s not exactly 4K, it is quite a bit sharper and resolves more detail than your average 1080p video. Unlike some more expensive drones, the Mavic Mini doesn’t have internal storage. Instead, it relies solely on microSD cards. Alright, let’s check out some of the best memory cards for DJI Mavic Mini.

best microsd memory cards dji mavic mini
image source: DJI

Best MicroSD Cards for DJI Mavic Mini Drone

The Mavic Mini has one microSD card slot, which requires UHS-I memory cards. The drone can record 2.7K videos at up to 30 fps and 1080p videos at up to 60 fps. The maximum bitrate it uses is 40 Mbit/s or 5 MB/s, which isn’t a lot. It means that any microSD memory card from our list below will be more than capable of handling video recording on this drone.

Keep in mind that faster UHS-II microSD cards also exist, but we don’t recommend buying them for this drone. There are simply no benefits from having faster cards. With that in mind, here are the best microSD cards for DJI Mavic Mini.

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC 128GB UHS-I Up to 90 MB/s Up to 170 MB/s
Samsung EVO MicroSDXC 128GB UHS-I Up to 90 MB/s Up to 100 MB/s

Finally, we should let you know that the Mavic Mini supports memory cards at up to (and including) 256 GB. However, we believe 128 GB or even 64 GB are big enough for almost any user. We hope our guide helped you find the right microSD card for your DJI Mavic Mini.

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