Best SD Memory Cards for Canon T7i (800D)

Canon Rebel T7i (called also 800D in some markets) was released in early 2017, and is one of the most affordable DSLR cameras on the market. It is aimed mostly at amateurs. If you’re an enthusiast photographer, you should definitely check out one of the more expensive cameras in Canon’s lineup. With that said, if you just bought this camera, you probably want to know which are the best SD cards for Canon T7i… Let’s find out!

best sd memory cards canon t7i
image source: Canon / Sandisk

Best SD Cards for Canon T7i

Since the T7i is aimed at beginners it is pretty understandable that it doesn’t support the fastest SD cards on the market. The camera’s features like 6f ps burst shooting and video recording at 1080p at up to 60 fps are far from demanding and any UHS-I memory card will handle these with ease. Don’t let the people in the camera store sell you on buying pricier UHS-II cards, when the Rebel T7i has only one UHS-I compatible card slot. These are the UHS- I memory cards we suggest for the Rebel T7i:

UHS-I Cards:
SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I U3 V30 Up to 90 MB/s Up to 170 MB/s
Kingston Canvas React 128GB UHS-I U3 Up to 80 MB/s Up to 100 MB/s
Transcend 128GB UHS-I U3 Up to 60 MB/s Up to 95 MB/s

Recommended SD Cards for Video on Canon T7i

Like we already mentioned, the T7i doesn’t support 4K video recording and is limited to 1080p recording at 60 fps. Any memory card from our list will be able to handle this easily.


Canon is great at making cameras, both for professionals and amateurs, and this camera is a testament to that. Picking an SD card for it is easy. Since there are no real benefits of getting speedy, but expensive UHS-II cards, simply grab one (or more) UHS-I SD cards from the list above, and go shoot.

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