Best SD Memory Cards for Fujifilm FinePix XP140

Fujifilm XP140 is one of the newest waterproof compact cameras on the market. It was released in March of 2019 and is equipped with a 16MP 1/2.3 sensor. The XP140 is waterproof to 82 feet (25 meters), shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof, making it a great choice for a variety of different outdoor sports. Of course, you’ll need an SD card to store all those amazing moments. With that in mind, let’s check out the best memory cards for Fuji XP140.

best sd memory cards fujifilm xp140
image source: Fujifilm / Sandisk

Best SD Cards for Fujifilm XP140

Firstly, the FinePix XP140 comes with one memory card slot, which supports UHS-I cards. These cards are pretty fast and can easily handle anything this camera can throw at them, so there’s absolutely no need to pay extra for those faster UHS-II cards. Having said that, here are the best SD cards for Fujifilm XP140.

UHS-I Cards:
SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I U3 V30 Up to 90 MB/s Up to 170 MB/s
Kingston Canvas Select Plus 128GB UHS-I V30 Up to 80 MB/s Up to 100 MB/s
Transcend 128GB UHS-I U3 Up to 60 MB/s Up to 95 MB/s

Recommended SD Cards for Video on Fuji XP140

While the XP140 can shoot 4K video, it is limited at up to 15 fps, which will not result in smooth videos. Because of this, we suggest using the 1080p mode (available at up to 60 fps) with this camera. Any SD card mentioned above will be able to handle video recording on this camera without any issues.


There are multiple waterproof cameras on the market right now, but Fujifilm XP140 definitely offers a lot of value for its price. We hope this guide helped you find the right memory card for your Fuji FinePix XP140.

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