Best SD Memory Cards for Leica M10-R

The Leica M10-R was released in July 2020, and it represents a high-end digital rangefinder mirrorless camera with a high-resolution 40MP full-frame sensor. What makes it a bit unique in today’s world is a fact that it’s a stills-only camera, which means if you’re into videography, you should look elsewhere.

The camera features a large 0.73x magnification optical viewfinder, a rear 3-inch touchscreen, shutter speed and ISO dial for greater manual control and more! It’s truly a camera made with photographers in mind but it also comes with a high price tag, which certainly isn’t unusual for Leica. With all this in mind, let’s check out some of the best memory cards for Leica M10-R.

best sd memory cards leica m10-r
image source: Leica

Best SD Cards for Leica M10-R

The M10-R has a single SD memory card slot that supports UHS-I cards, which is a bit unusual for a camera of that costs this much. However, it sort of makes sense as the camera doesn’t shoot video and doesn’t really need those UHS-II speeds. You can still grab a UHS-II card or two if you wish to transfer files to your computer faster so keep that in mind. Without further ado, here are the best SD cards for Leica M10-R.

Sony Tough-G Series SDXC 128GB UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 299 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s
Lexar Professional 2000X 128GB SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 260 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s
ProGrade Digital 128GB UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 250 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s


If you want a stylish rangefinder camera with a really amazing 40MP full-frame sensor and don’t mind the high price tag, the M10-R is a truly great option. We hope our guide helped you pick the right memory card for your Leica M10-R.

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