Best SD Memory Cards for Leica Q2

Leica Q2 is a great camera with a fixed Summilux 28mm f/1.7 lens. Thanks to its amazing 47MP full-frame sensor. The resolution is so big that you can use it for a variety of situations due to the fact that you can crop your photos. This camera is aimed at people who love photography and have a big enough budget for a Leica. Of course, although video recording is not its primary purpose, it can shoot 4K video at up to 30 fps and even 1080p at 120 fps. The Q2 also comes with a high-resolution 3.68MP OLED viewfinder that is a pleasure to look through, but let’s not digress too much. We’re here to talk about SD cards for this camera, so let’s take a look at the best memory cards for Leica Q2.

best sd memory cards leica q2
image source: Leica / Sony

Best SD Cards for Leica Q2

The camera has one SD card slot and you’d expect from an expensive and feature-packed camera like the Q2, it supports fast UHS-II cards. When you spend a lot of money on the camera like this one, there’s absolutely no point in buying cheaper and slower UHS-I cards. Just grab a couple of UHS-II cards that will help you get the most out of this Leica. Here are the best SD cards for Leica Q2.

Sony Tough-G Series SDXC 128GB UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 299 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s
Lexar Professional 2000X 128GB SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 260 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s
ProGrade Digital 128GB UHS-II U3 V90 Up to 250 MB/s Up to 300 MB/s

Recommended SD Cards for Video on Leica Q2

Like we previously mentioned, the Q2 is capable of recording 4K video at up to 30 fps and 1080p at up to 120 fps. The UHS-II cards we suggested above will easily handle video recording on Leice Q2 with ease.


Leica Q2 is definitely not a camera for everybody. However, if your budget allows for this camera, you certainly won’t be disappointed with its features and great image quality. We hope our guide helped you pick the right memory card for your Q2.

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